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Funding LGBTQIA+ Initiatives: Impactful Programs and Projects



Unboxed connects LGBTQIA teens and older adults. Together, they explore and share transformative personal stories of identity. Participants write, create, and collectively-edit mixed-media digital stories about their lived experiences.

The Program Entails:

  • Participatory art-making

  • Collective editing

  • Trauma-informed curriculum

  • Individual & shared healing

  • A final finished product

Facilitating Safe Spaces: LGBTQIA+ Programs for Empowerment

Program Success

Teenagers and emotional well-being

Youth participants report that participating in Unboxed:

  • helped them cope with life challenges; and

  • connected them with someone from another generation.

Older adult participants report that participating in Unboxed:

  • helped them cope with life challenges;

  • decreased feelings of isolation; and

  • helped them feel understood.

Decreasing ageism: Challenging stereotypes and promoting intergenerational understanding.

Empowering LGBTQIA+ Communities: Support for Facilitators and Funders
LGBTQIA+ digital stories created
Older adults report intergenerational programs help them cope with mental health challenges.
LGBTQIA facilitators engaged + paid
Facilitating Safe Spaces: LGBTQIA+ Programs for Empowerment

The Need for LGBTQIA+ Intergenerational Programs

LGBTQIA+ youth are twice as likely to report persistent sadness as their peers (CDC).

Connecting LGBTQIA+ Seniors and Youth: Community Activities

Nearly 60% of LGBTQIA+ older adults feel a lack of companionship, and >5 0% report feeling isolated.
(Fredriksen-Goldsen et al., 2011).

Empowering LGBTQIA+ Individuals: Community Programs for All Ages

LGBTQIA+ older adults face greater barriers to healthcare and social support than their peers, and are more likely to live alone or be single than their heterosexual, cisgender peers.

Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Youth Groups: Building a Safe Haven

Take a Closer Look

"Queer Me" by Holly Hall. Holly Hall courageously shares her coming out story for the first time. As an adult, Holly brings audiences through the experience of being rejected by family for being gay. Her Unboxed digital story is evocative and emotional.

"Expiration Date" by Willow Tyler. Willow poetically shares a her experience as a teenager in contemporary society. Through her, audiences feel the ups and downs of youth– makeup, teenage friendships, clothes, mental health, and bullying.

"I’ve told many people that being with this group for this workshop was the most loving, safe, and supportive space I could have been in after the Club Q shootings."

Older Adult Participant and LGBTQIA+ Activist

Program Designers/Facilitators

Unboxed was made possible through the collaboration of StoryCenter, Denver Public Library, and LinkAGES Connects. StoryCenter provided facilitation, program planning, and design to adapt its digital storytelling workshop specifically for LGBTQIA participants. The Denver Public Library provided recruitment, collaborative thinking, and staff to provide programmatic support. LinkAGES provided funding, grant writing, thought leadership, and content development.

StoryCenter creates spaces for listening and sharing stories to build a just and healthy world.


StoryCenter creates spaces for listening to and sharing stories, to help build a just and healthy world. Our public and custom workshops provide individuals and organizations with skills and tools that support self-expression, creative practice, and community building.

Training and professional development for facilitators in cultural institutions

Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library's (DPL) Older Adult Services support older adults who have the time and emotional space to engage in lifelong learning, creative endeavors, and community connections.  DPL welcomes and supports all older adults, in all of their circumstances and identities, in all of their hopes and dreams for the best quality of life possible.

Capacity building for community programsal_Color.png

LinkAGES Connects

LinkAGES Connects builds the capacity of  organizations to eliminate the three barriers identified by Generations United and Eisner Foundation (demonstrating impact, fundraising, and finding other groups to share ideas) and a fourth identified by LinkAGES: collaboration.

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