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Capacity building for community programs and program resources for facilitators


LinkAGES makes it easier to offer intergenerational programs in your community. Use our educational resources to learn how to:

  • Identify aligned partners and collaborators,

  • Design and execute an evaluation,

  • Facilitate one of our successful programs from beginning to end


Latest Stories from Our Blog


How Rural Communities are Reweaving Social Ties Amongst Youth & Older Adults. Read more.

Funding for community projects and health equity

Centura Health Advancement & Equity Fund Awards $75K Grant for LGBTQIA Unboxed Program.

Photography programs for older adults online and in-person

Frozen Moments: Where Photography & Memory Meet


Adapt LinkAGES programs to meet your community


Experiential art program. Explore storytelling, sketching, movement, writing, and improv. 

Photography & Storytelling:

Highly Adaptable intergenerational Program. An approachable medium that builds connections through storytelling and shared experiences.

Together at Play and Song:

Therapeutic Music Activities. Accessible for your youngest participants. In-person and remote formats.


LGBTQIA* Digital storytelling program. Engages participatory art-making and trauma-informed curriculum that promotes individual and shared healing.

Video Education

Learn & Implement

Thought Leadership Interviews

Community leaders, intergenerational program facilitators, & funders share how innovation helps them make more of an impact.

Breaking the Mold: Grants, Trust, and a Growth Mindset with Next50 Initiative & LinkAGES

Doing Better Together: The Power of Mission-Driven Collaboration

LinkAGES Evaluation Education Series

Evaluating your intergenerational program just became a whole lot easier! Each short video includes examples and supplemental materials. Produced in collaboration with Knoebel Institute of Aging and the University of Denver.

Age-Friendly Communities Interactive Discussions

Community members, city planners, and policymakers get tools to make a difference in your community

Meet Our Program Designers

LinkAGES collaborates with experts in the fields of intergenerational programming, youth, and older adults. Meet some of the people who design, teach, and coach in our community.

Community program designers help facilitate intergenerational healing and programs for youth development and older adults

Jen Kulik, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of SilverKite Community Arts
Co-Creator/Designer of Journeys

For the past 25 years Jen has designed and facilitated intergenerational arts, arts for youth, and arts for older adults programs for retirement communities, schools, theatre companies, and social service organizations. Jen holds a Ph.D. in Theatre for Young Audiences from Arizona State University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Washington. In 2012, she was awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching fellowship to travel to Singapore. She received the Joseph F. Wall Service Award from Grinnell College in 2018. Jen presents at conferences worldwide.


Learn more about SilverKite Community Arts. (

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Shalom Park

Designers and Facilitators of Together at Song and Play (TAPS)

Together at Play and Song (TAPS) virtual program and in-person program were designed and facilitated by Shalom Park in Denver, CO. They were originally designed by music therapists to be facilitated by music therapists and music therapy interns. The in-person group program was thoughtfully developed for the older adults living in Shalom Park’s assisted living facility and visiting toddlers and their guardians. During COVID-19 lockdowns, the team at Shalom Park quickly adapted. They created TAPS for the same age-groups, but changed the program for pairs to meet virtually with the assistance of facilitators and a music therapist.


The team at Shalom Park worked with LinkAGES to create a program that can be delivered by facilitators who are musically-inclined.

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