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Photography is an art medium that all ages can connect through. #communityactivities #facilitatorresources #collegeclass


Bringing generations together, Photography & Storytelling provides an entry point for people to get to know one another through shared stories and creates opportunities to learn new skills.

This toolkit includes video how-tos, sample schedules, and several iterations to adapt to your community and age groups.

Photography & Storytelling



  • OLDER ADULTS (50+)


  • 8 Weeks





Program Resources

Meet the program designers. Dive into key information about intergenerational program facilitation through the following videos:

Watch examples of past programs

  1. Photography and Memory: Home is... A Bridging of Generations (2021) – YouTube Link

  2. Photography and Memory, Virtual Format (2020)– YouTube Link

  3. Photography and Memory: Most Treasured Photograph (2018)– YouTube Link

“I felt a bit anxious/nervous and reluctant about being able to make a connection. After today’s session, I feel so absolutely incorrect! The conversation was so at ease and flowed incredibly -- we had more connections than I can count. I feel like she is a wiser version of myself. I cannot wait to keep in touch and continue to learn from her."

Older Adult Participant

Program Designers 

Photography & Storytelling is an intergenerational program that explores storytelling and photography. Photography is an accessible and familiar medium. This program was designed as a collaboration between two University of Denver professors and the Denver Public Library's Manager of Older Adult Services. This program has been adapted and facilitated in several ways– from simply sharing treasured photographs to learning photography skills side-by-side. Each time the facilitators have adapted the material, the setting, and the outreach messaging.


The ongoing evolution of this intergenerational program is a testament to the power of longterm collaborative relationships and well-executed evaluation. LinkAGES is proud to have funded and supported Photography & Storytelling since its inception.

University partners for recruiting youth participants for intergenerational programs #collegepartners
Public libraries great partners to recruit older adults for intergenerational programs
LinkAGES funding partner for photo intergenerational program
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