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Funding for youth development programs


Less than 1% of major philanthropic funding goes to services and causes that benefit our aging population. Intergenerational programs receive even less.


By thinking creatively about how to fund and support community programs and resources that benefit youth, older adults, and communities, we can change that together. LinkAGES Connects is strengthening our field by helping organizations collaborate, build capacity, and facilitate in-person and virtual intergenerational programs.

Make a difference

Older adults, children, and young people are experiencing unprecedented loneliness and social isolation. This can impact their mental health and physical health for the rest of their lives. It also hurts our communities and the fabric of society, according to the US Surgeon General's 2023 Advisory.

Intergenerational connections, when designed and facilitated well, help people feel seen and valued. They decrease ageism and counter discrimination. They create communities of belonging and mutual respect.


Invest in a better world for everyone by supporting LinkAGES.

Making More Social Impact with the Same Resources


Sit down NextFifty Foundation and LinkAGES as they share innovative ways that funders can make their dollars go farther.

Doing Better Together: The Power of Mission-Driven Collaboration


The challenges we face today are systemic. The way we will solve them is through mission-driven collaboration and innovation. Learn about two collaboratives in Denver, CO, and Truckee-Tahoe, CA, and the funders who support them.


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Donate to LinkAGES Connects

By donating to  LinkAGES Connects, you heal youth, older adults, communities, and the world. LinkAGES builds organizational capacity and strengthens the fields of youth development, aging, and intergenerational connections. 

Donations are tax-deductible. All donations are routed through our fiscal sponsor, Trailhead Institute.


Make a check out to The LinkAGES Fund and mail it to:

Trailhead Institute

 1999 Broadway, Suite 600,

Denver, CO 80202


Click the donate button below! Please note you will be redirected to the LinkAGES Campaign through Colorado Gives. 

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