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Dear Friends of LinkAGES,


Happy 2024! We are excited and energized for the year ahead and are thrilled to have you on board. The LinkAGES Collaborative Network is GROWING welcoming new organizations across various sectors, from housing to social services, art, music and community development. Each quarterly network meeting is a deep dive into one of the four research-proven barriers to intergenerational programming, empowering organizations to offer high-quality intergenerational programs of their own. It’s an electrifying time as we rally together to explore, innovate, and overcome challenges.


The success of our recent Collaborative Network meetings has been nothing short of extraordinary. These gatherings have morphed into hubs of dynamic discussions, rich insights, and collaborative ventures, embodying the essence of LinkAGES Connects. Your dedication fuels our shared journey of learning and connection.


To foster ongoing engagement, we've launched the Collaborative Network Online Hub—a digital haven for our community to connect and collaborate. The response has been heartening, and we invite all members to dive in and contribute to our growing online community.


Looking ahead, 2024 holds boundless promise for LinkAGES Connects. We're gearing up for fresh initiatives, collaborations, and learning experiences that will deepen our intergenerational tapestry. To kick-start this journey, we've launched a special challenge designed to ignite collaboration, creativity, and collective achievements. We urge each member to dive in and make their mark!

As we journey forward, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every LinkAGES Connects member for enriching our community. Together, let's make 2024 a year of profound connections, shared victories, and collective impact. Here's to the adventure ahead!


Warm regards,

Rachel B. Cohen

Executive Director


LinkAGES Connects: Collaborative Network 

  • Please RSVP via Calendly (ASL and Spanish interpretation provided)

  • April 25, 2024 (Measuring Impact); July 25, 2024 (Program Roundtable)


Intergenerational programs serve as powerful antidotes to the social isolation and loneliness that affect both youth and older adults. By fostering connections across generations, these programs not only diminish ageism but also cultivate healthier, more vibrant communities for all residents.

For younger participants, engagement in intergenerational activities cultivates empathy, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Academic growth is stimulated, and a profound sense of belonging is nurtured.

Likewise, older participants benefit immensely. These programs contribute to improved health, enhanced well-being, and sharper cognitive function. Quality of life is elevated, and a renewed sense of purpose permeates daily life.

However, the journey of facilitating and sustaining intergenerational programs is riddled with challenges. In each of the LinkAGES Collaborative Network, we will be exploring solutions to the research-proven barriers to intergenerational programming, learning with and from each other. We hope to see you there! 


Who should attend: Youth-focused organizations, older adult and aging-focused entities, parks and recreation, museums and cultural institutions, public health organizations, housing providers, schools, intergenerational program managers and facilitators, anyone interested in learning more about intergenerational connections. 


LinkAGES Connects Collaborative Network Online Hub

Collaborative Network Challenge


We've listened closely to your voices, and the message is clear: you crave a space where connection, learning, and the spotlight on your impactful intergenerational programs can flourish! Get ready to dive into the LinkAGES Connects Online Community and ignite dynamic conversations that matter. But here's the deal: We can't make this hub thrive without YOU! Take part in our Collaborative Network Challenge and help us cultivate a vibrant community spirit! Here's your chance to earn points and unlock exclusive benefits:

Discussion Dynamo (5 points):
Engage in dynamic discussions on our boards—share your experiences, insights, or ask thought-provoking questions.

Comment Crusader (5 points):
Spread positivity by commenting on others' posts! Offer encouragement, ask follow-up questions, and celebrate shared experiences.

Resource Rendezvous (5 points):
Share valuable resources—articles, videos, or tools—that inspire intergenerational connection.


Collaboration Contributor (5 points):
Collaborate on a project, share an intergenerational activity, or propose an idea for the community to explore together.


25 points: Exclusive Community Contributor Badge
50 points: Feature on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn
75 points: Feature in our Newsletter for Community Spotlight
100 points:Giftcard 


To receive your invitation and become part of this dynamic network, simply fill out this form.


2023 CHTA Evaluation Data

Collective Healing through Art has been a program of LinkAGES since the beginning of 2023. CHTA’s curriculum centers the experiences of its participants and facilitators, 90% of whom are BIPOC and/or Queer. The art-based workshops are crafted and facilitated to unpack systemic oppression, build healthy coping mechanisms, process emotions, support physical and mental health, and create meaningful intergenerational connections. After our annual program evaluation, we are excited to share that many favorable outcomes have been identified! Notably, 2023 CHTA youth reported a reduction in loneliness, elevated self-esteem, and improved coping skills, as evidenced by self-reported scales utilizing a stoplight system.

The assessment revealed a remarkable 41% average increase in the proportion of youth participants scoring in the 'green zone,' indicating low risk, across all three scales. Correspondingly, there was an 18% average decrease in the proportion of youth participants in the 'red zone,' signifying high risk, across the same scales. In terms of emotional experience, 86% of youth cohort participants expressed feelings of joy, connection, and belonging within the CHTA community. Participant testimonials underscored themes of community-building, learning, gratitude, creativity, physical healing impacts, and enhanced mental well-being. Even in the BBBS matches cohort, where participants had seldom interacted previously, relationships blossomed over the 8-week period, fostering vulnerability and supportive connections.

Evaluation of single events led by guest artists, focusing on somatic practices and physical wellness, indicated a 96% decrease in negative emotions post-session. Moreover, 93% of participants reported equal or increased positive emotions, including joy, gratitude, happiness, and love. Participants experienced a 100% decrease in feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, worry, and frustration, emphasizing the importance of emotional release and holistic well-being. Furthermore, 97% agreed that these workshops provided an opportunity for meaningful connections, while 86% acknowledged that the sessions served as a reminder of the significance of self-compassion.

In a strategic move, CHTA adapted its ageism scale in 2023 to align with the LinkAGES Evaluation plan. The assessment gauged perceptions of how different age groups viewed each other, revealing substantial shifts in adults' perspectives on youth. The results showcased an average 5% decrease in negative perceptions of youth and an average 13% increase in positive perceptions of youth among supportive adult participants. This compelling evidence highlights CHTA's efficacy in engaging youth and fostering positive relationships with supportive adults in both their lives and communities.


Food is Medicine
March 7, 2024 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Collective Healing Through Art’s Program Coordinators Confidence Omenai will be facilitating a juicing workshop. CHTA will be preparing two fresh juice recipes used to cleanse toxins from the body.

Participants will have an opportunity to help prepare and sample juice
combinations during the workshop. Each participant will receive recipes they
can duplicate with ease at home. 

Queer Legacy Program

Through the grant LinkAGES received from CommonSpirit, we are offering Creating Queer Legend & Legacy in partnership with the Colorado Health Network and Center on Colfax. This eight week workshop brings together youth and older adults who identify as LGBTQIA+ to explore legacy through writing, recording, and creating a self portrait using collage that illustrates the legend they wish to leave. This program is designed to engage, build trust and encourage connections across ages.Creating Queer Legacy aims to give agency and allow participants the opportunity to be immortalized while leaving a rich inheritance to our community. 

Donate to LinkAGES Connects

By donating to  LinkAGES Connects, you heal youth, older adults, communities, and the world. LinkAGES builds organizational capacity and strengthens the fields of youth development, aging, and intergenerational connections. 

Donations are tax-deductible. All donations are routed through our fiscal sponsor, Trailhead Institute.


Make a check out to The LinkAGES Fund and mail it to:

Trailhead Institute

 1999 Broadway, Suite 600,

Denver, CO 80202


Click the donate button below! Please note you will be redirected to the LinkAGES Campaign through Colorado Gives. 

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